Another busy patch.

I handed in various documents for my end of year panel earlier this week after an extended fight with Word to get all my illustrations to behave themselves (it seems surprising that in 2013, pictures still have a tendency to jump around within a document when you do something as simple as close it and re-open it). Not for the first time since starting my PhD, I felt rather like the figure of Milton on plate 15 of Blake’s poem Milton, who seems to be attempting to sculpt the figure of Urizen. You can view the image via the Blake Archive.

In other news, my online version of the John Rylands Blake exhibition should be going live soon, when the last of the technical work is done – watch this space for an announcement!

Meanwhile, Blake continues to take me in unexpected directions. On Friday I was looking at various oriental manuscripts and books in the John Rylands Library which were owned by a collector who probably knew Blake and so plausibly he may have seen. I didn’t find anything that’s going to radically transform my PhD (which is probably a good thing!) but I did come across various motifs which resonate with things in Blake’s works, although nothing specific enough to argue for a direct borrowing. And it was certainly a treat to see some beautiful pieces of artistry.

I’ve also been looking again at some of Blake’s own works in a new display at the Whitworth Art Gallery, which I’ll write a separate post on presently.