All things bright

Blake would have had something to say about London’s Lumiere Festival too. It brings to mind his ambition to have his own works reproduced on a large scale in places such as Westminster Hall. A project to realise this ambition through the medium of light projections was unsuccessfully attempted a few years ago by the Blake Society; a fascinating document on this project by Adriana Diaz-Enciso is available to read via the Blake Society website.

Bishop Otter Scholar

On Saturday evening, I was able to see some of London’s Lumiere festival. This new festival of light installations took place in various locations across central London, shown on the evenings of Thursday to Sunday.

Saturday evening was cold but clear(ish — the clouds must have been rolling in for the overnight snow shower, but the moon was shining brightly even in the London sky). January can be a very dreary month — the excitement of Christmas and New Year has passed, resolutions may already be being broken, and people stay in to save money (and watch the new drama and comedy which populates the television). So a festival which harnesses a brings light into the long hours of darkness, and is free to visit was an inspired initiative to put on at this time of year. It certainly inspired plenty of interest on Saturday — many of the…

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