The Skel(e)ton and the Fish

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Stanley Eugene Fish, Surprised by Sin: the Reader in Paradise Lost (London: Macmillan; New York: St. Martin’s Press, 1967)
University of Manchester Main Library (in the wrong place, among the Blake books, in High Demand)


Would Blake weep?

Jacomina Korteling, Mysticism in Blake and Wordsworth (Amsterdam: H. J. Paris, 1928). University of Manchester Library.


I’m no paleographer, but it looks like more than one reader has been frustrated with this book over the years.



Contents page.


p. 23


p. 32

Recent Discoveries

1. Mary Magdalene is probably more important than I first thought, but I have various ongoing issues writing about her: a) how to pronounce her name, b) whether I should adopt Blake’s (and as far as I can tell the standard eighteenth-century) spelling which omits the final “e” (my spell-check doesn’t like it, nor does my College loyalty), c) whether or not I need to refer to all the women associated with her as “Magdalene” (see Just a Brief Update). She’ll definitely be getting a section in the chapter I’m working on at the moment and maybe I’ll try to write a conference  paper on her (speaking about her would get round b) but raise the stakes for a)).

2. New parts of the library (new to me that is), namely Theatre, Law. My usual haunts are English and Art History, History probably coming in third, and increasingly less often Religion. Previous novel excursions have included Economics, and, most unexpectedly of all, Physics.

3. I missed a chance to see some Blakes in Cambridge. As previously bemoaned, I wasn’t able to arrange to see the Blakes I was hoping to at the Fitzwilliam, but I have since discovered that they actually currently have some of his tempera paintings on display, which I’ve never seen “out” there before. I have seen the one that’s relevant to my research before, but it’s always interesting to see things on display, not least to be able to eavesdrop on other visitors’ conversations! I know I’ll be visiting Cambridge again in August so fingers crossed they might still be out then.